Build systems which could leverage on core values of Blockchain and make those usable for average users


We help our clients understand and use blockchain technology for business optimization. We would conduct feasibility studies and assess the potential of blockchain for your company.

Prototype Development

Client’s business operations would be simplified and mimicked using a prototype. Feedback and modifications could be exchanged in this process.

System Development

We custom build blockchain solutions which are scalable, distributed, decentralized, and futuristic.


What Would Radical Ledger Do?

Radical Ledger would build a bridge between Blockchain technology and multiple types of enterprises. We would apply blockchain to real world solutions in a meaningful and effective ways.

We would analyse and carry feasibility studies of the Blockchain technology on any given proposed solution. If the technology complements the solution, we proceed to building great solutions.

We are open source enthusiasts. Blockchain technology too is created on open source, not just by act but by design and architecture. This we appreciate a lot. Likewise, we would continue our journey on the path of sharing as well. What we develop and the knowledge we gather, would be free and open to the public (unless someone has paid for us to do build something proprietary).

Our Work